Initialized the main window of preferences in Haiku (OS)

From the last 2 weeks, I was busy in exams and final practicals. In those days I was not much able to work on Haiku. But from 29 April 2019, After conversationing with my mentor I started my next work. In which I have to make the UI of the Main Window as I showed in my proposal. Today I have completed my task a little bit.

When I start working, I have just confused about where I should start, but I kept on trying. Five times I write the code and made the files again and again but every time some error arises. Last night I keep my mind cool and think about the UI properly. I took my notebook ad start writing the steps to make the UI.

Then first I decide to initialize the main window In which all the devices preferences takes place.

And then, I start working on the code again. Before compiling my work I pray to god that please no errors.  🙂

Then, I completed my task and just made the main window. The next step is to make the vertical column on the left side in which the connected devices will be shown. 🙂

To run my code in Haiku OS, I followed the documentation as the link given below:

Screenshot from 2019-05-01 21-09-21




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