Got selected in Outreachy

Greetings to all!!!!

Today the result came and I was selected in Outreachy. Yippppppppeeeee!! πŸ™‚

From the morning I was just thinking about the result and didn’t make my concentration on any work.

And finally the wait is over and at 9:30 pm the email comes in the inbox that I was selected. I was just glad to see this.

A few months ago my brother told me about Outreachy and told me to apply for it. Then I pray to God and started my work. First time when I tried my application was not approved for some reason. But this time I have my 6-week industrial training and I have much time to spend on my work. Time goes and Outreachy approved my applications. Full of happiness.

I was just confused between the projects. But spending time on it, I selected the Haiku organization. Community members are so friendly especially my mentor @PulkoMandy. He guided me and help me to make my first contribution towards the open source.

It was an awesome journey till now. When I told my parents about my selection they were shocked because I didn’t tell anybody except my mother and my brothers. Today we celebrate my selection party at home. All family members are very happy and thanks to god. My eyes were full of tears because I didn’t think that I got selected.

Finally, the good time comes, but now my finals exams are coming. In the day time, I started the preparations for my exams and at night I start working on my project. I hope it will be awesome summers.

Now I feel that I can also do something in my life. πŸ™‚

Screenshot from 2019-05-06 21-42-47

Thank You @PulkoMandy for selecting me in Outreachy. πŸ™‚



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