21 May 2019

Today I am very Happy. Exams go well. Today I celebrated my birthday with my friends in our college. It was the best birthday ever. My best friends give me a gift then We cut the cake. In the gift, there were my pictures with my friends. I never celebrate my birthday as I celebrated today.

Now, I started working and I have added the vertical box in the main window but it was not perfect yet. But I am happy that I made this box after spending 2 weeks on it. I was not able to write my blog everyday because of my exams and didn’t send any patch on gerrit. 2 Days ago I received the mail from my mentor and he asked me  that why I was not pushed any code on gerrit. I was scared when I saw the mail. Then when I read it, he helped me to make the box and he asked me to ask questions on IRC if I didn’t get understand about something related to code.

But, today I have done what I thought yesterday night. My todays plan was to add the box in the main window and I have completed my task.

Screenshot from 2019-05-21 22-49-10

But, its not completed yet now I have to resize it then try to add the list in it

Thankyou for reading 🙂 Continued………



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