23 May 2019 (Morning)

Yesterday I have started my work at 8:00 pm and end at 12:00 am. I polish the entire code and read the coding guidelines to avoid the extra space and to follow the write coding style before sending the patch on Gerrit by following this link below:


I am a bit late to update my blog because of some health issues. Then I read about the BListView from the link below:


There are three types of BListView. First I have used

(BRect  char* name,
      list_view_type type, uint32 resizingMode, uint32 flags)

But now I changed it with,

(BRect frame, const char* name,
list_view_type type, uint32 resizingMode, uint32 flags)

Because I think I have to give the dimensions of the rectangular frame for the BListView vertical box. But unfortunately when I tried the size of the box is still as same as the input window. That’s why yesterday I have sent the patch. I didn’t recognize where I am wrong. I want to work more yesterday I planned to add the items in the box but I was feeling tired and go to sleep.

Screenshot from 2019-05-21 22-49-10

After giving the dimensions of the box still, the size is the same.  This was all about the yesterdays night. 🙂


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